leveraging brand equity for social start ups


“common” is a brand, but not just any brand, it could be the brand for that new biological organic coffee shop in Cape town, South Africa  or the brand name for that cool ecologically conscience furniture shop based in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. The goal is to have  economic venture across the globe with the “common” brand name on it, whereby the impeccable services  you received from that furniture store in Eindhoven will transfer to the great and cosy atmosphere of that coffee shop in Cape Town you discovered during  your city trip or visa versa.

It leverages the “common” brand name, thereby helping start-ups with good ideas to push forward with their product or service without having to fret about brand exposure, at least not as much as before. And simultaneously it functions as a general collaborative repository for all the businesses which are under the “common” brand name. Hopefully, this will  limit the rookie mistakes of fledgling entrepreneurs.

Personally, their slogan sums it all up quite clearly: “Do Shit that matters”.

I am curious  how the different initiatives are going to be named to distinguish them from each other, but this should be fixable.


4 thoughts on “ leveraging brand equity for social start ups

  1. Is the idea that you embrace the values of common and as a result of using the mark your customers will instantly recognise that you embrace those values? Kind of like a quality certification? Or am I missing the point here.

    • No, that is the idea! like a EKO brand for biological food, what you bought has social quality and social significance. Its still in early stages of development but the potential in my mind is interesting.

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