Crowd funded journalism

I assume that everybody at one point or another, has wondered why certain “news” is… well… news. Shouldn’t  newsworthiness be more constant?  And what about  following important news subjects  to the end,i mean has global warming been fixed ?!  Was it just me who didn’t get that memo and what story is big enough to bump something like that anyway!?  How are we suppose to fix things great and small if the focus keeps changes? Who is to blame for  this  ‘news schizophrenia’  which creates a perpetual state of mild confusion  at best and a  persistent unconscious anxiety at worst?!.

All ranting aside, this is a problem and apparently there are some people who seem determined to fix it, at least a part of it, so much so that they launched a kick starter project for a new long-form journalism magazine called “MATTER”.

The crowd support for MATTER has been phenomenally successful, the initial goal was 50K, while at the time of writing  the counter is on 124K ( and still 8 days left). Obviously the message resonated with people. The magazine wants to  focus on subjects that are important and therefore demand more time and dedication than regular magazines can afford. Most of the revenue for this long-form journalism will be on  pay per view scheme with a standard fee of  0.99 dollar per article.

But this method of crowd funded journalism is not without its critics, out of the blogosphere there has been substantial critic on the longevity of a magazine being funded in this manner. I belief some points are valid but I feel that the staggering amount of crowd funded capital is not getting its due credit, crowd funding is the closes to ‘democratizing demand’  as we are able to get, instead of market research firms and/or product marketeers who push products onto the market assuming consumers will purchase it,the crowd can now  pull  products into the market, products they wish to have. This is significant not only from a consumer empowerment perspective but also from an ecological perspective,less unneeded products being produced, also read Don Lehman ‘s excellent article on the subject.

There are several hurdles that MATTER needs to successfully overcome in the coming future, but the crowd has given its stamp of approval and that should count for more than it does now.