Local funding in real life.

The gap between theory and reality can be pretty wide and deep. Especially if it is your faith, like mine,  to live on that razors edge of dreams and economics.

A while back I proposed  the idea, that a combination of crowd sourcing/design thinking/crowd funding could help to develop projects that benefit the locals and are funded by the locals.

Here is a real life example of a local architect and a local entrepreneur who wanted to build an underground park, yes you read it correctly an underground park…..but that’s not where the story ends, the local community believes so much in this project  that they decided to fund it themselves.  I will leave the technical details for you to explore in the link bellow, but as a reference they still have 8 days on the clock and are already 50+ % above target.

You may wonder why I am such a strong supporter for social funding, let me explain it without the abstractions and the jargon:

Imagine that you are walking through this park with a local person as your tour-guide, sooner or later you will hear this phrase pass his lips: “Our community made this park happen… for us…..and for the generations to come” , and as you notice the twinkling in his eyes you realize that it wasn’t due to the sunlight from above but the pride from within. That reaction of empowerment is social funding to me.

Now back to reality, yes that persistent and all-encompassing reality which you  can’t avoid……..but you are able to hack it! Therefore the most obvious question is: “how do you get natural sunlight into an underground park?”  The hack has elegance, but I will let you find it out for yourself, its cooler that way LowLine.