We own the sky

I suspect everybody has it, “that place”, for lack of a better word. But its not a real place, you won’t find it on Google maps…and you’d probably get lost if you tried. On certain days, that place seems so far away, like a vague recollection of a dream.                                                                                                                                 But once I find it again, or more accurately stumble upon it again, it feels like its always been there waiting for me ,silently, patiently until i finally settled down.

The place that i am talking about is somewhere in your consciences and in mine. Sadly, I can’t give you any clear direction to it, if i did it would be something vague like: ” its in the same street as contemplation near melancholy, and close to insight but really far away from solitude and self-doubt”.                                  And even if i did give you silly instructions like that, you would not be able to reach it with your mind….. its more of a Trust thing…and well Trust thats just an entirely different kind of silly.

Fortunately, sometimes i get transported to that place without having to do anything and  i guess the same goes for other people as well, For me that way is listing to music. In those 5 minutes and 16 seconds it seems like i own that place and I can’t  imagine being anywhere else, but that place slips away bit by bit every-time  i hit ‘re-play’.
Recently is started to wonder what it would be like, if i had access to that place 24/7, not fading away, but always “ON” in full IMAX and in high definition. Would i still be the same person? Would you? What about our limitations, would we still have them? Would we even know what a limitation meant in that state? Or would we start looking upwards and come to the inevitable conclusion that now, we own the sky?